Issue 11 and Volume 37.

SLAUGHTER AT NEW YORK FIRE. A five-story double-decker tenement house at 105 Allen street, Manhattan, New York, in which lived at least 150 persons, of whom more than seventy were children, was burned early on Tuesday morning, with the result that nineteen perished, twelve were sent to hospitals, some of these being very near to death, and many more were less severely injured. The fire started in the rear of a basement restaurant, probably from spontaneous combustion, in a mass of grease left in a painter’s funnel and thrown into the swill. A man returning home noticed the flames, which were licking the woodwork, and threw his coat over the funnel, intending to lift the whole thing and throw it into the backyard. As he raised it, the flames burst through tne coat and burned him so severely that he was compelled to drop the blazing mass. Calling to his…

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