Issue 11 and Volume 37.

WATERWORKS LEGISLATION. EVANSVILLE, IND. The Superior Court of Indiana has decided that the city waterworks system of Evansville is not liable to a mechanic’s lien for wages, and, therefore, cannot be sold to satisfy such a lien The city had declared void a contract made by the Western Submarine Engineering & Construction Company, which owed its workmen over $2,200 and did not pay them. The company did not have machinery enough for the men to seize and sell in satisfaction for their demands. Alleging that, because the waterworks was operated for profit, charging for water consumed and annually making a large sum over expenses and, therefore, was of a private and not entirely a public nature and was subject to lien and foreclosure with sale if not paid. The employes filed mechanics’ liens against the plant and a test case was made. The workmen also alleged that the city was…

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