Issue 11 and Volume 37.

THE END OF THE TWO-PLATOON SYSTEM. Deputy Chief Kruger and Battalion Chief Larkin, of the New York fire department, in whose jurisdictions the system of the two-platoon system was tried, having reported most unfavorably upon its working, Fire Commissioner Hayes ordered its discontinuance, and in its place granted the men one day off in five and three nights off every month. While the system was in operation the six companies concerned responded to 840 alarms, worked at 333; were short at 203 alarms; and at seven fires could not do proper work, while charges were preferred against 117. The test lasted eighty-one days, and, as Deputy Chief Kruger points out, the “men being housed in for ten and fourteen hours, and particularly on the day for changing tours, which necessitated a continuous duty of twenty-four hours,” were “drowsy and slow in reporting to alarms,” and at fires did not come…

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