Issue 15 and Volume 37.

PYROMANIA. That there is a special form of mental disorder that leads to acts of incendiarism is asserted by Dr. Raoul Leroy, a French physician, who name’s this state “pyromania.” The London Lancet comments thus on the above statement: “The mental state of such incendiaries, says Dr. Leroy, is peculiar and characteristic. They are weak-minded and are often members of families in which epilepsy, insanity or alcoholism occurs. Reference is made to the fact that among the peasant population of Normandy, where alcoholism prevails to a high degree, juvenile crimes of the nature of incendiarism are common. These feeble-minded delinquents are prone to set lire to buildings or other objects in revenge against their owners, or, in some cases, merely to amuse themselves with the spectacle. A few cases, says Dr. Leroy, suffer from the influence of an obsession which irresistibly impels them to such acts, such cases forming a…

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