Issue 15 and Volume 37.

BOSTON PROTECTIVE DEPARTMENT. During February the protective department of Boston answered 113 bell, thirty-two still and eighteen automatic alarms, with one fire extinguished by occupants—making a total of 164 alarms with six sprinkler and two marine calls. The losses on buildings and contents for February, 1904 and 1905 were as follows: 1904— Buildings, insured, $104,089, not insured $3,436; 1905—$244.859; contents, insured, $247,330; not insured, $29,193. 1905—Buildings insured, $244,859; not insured, $1,030; contents, insured, $3,113; not insured, $3,201. Insurance on buildings was $2,274,514, losses, $244,858; on contents, $792,356, loss, $63,112: total insurance, $3,066,870; total loss (as settled), $312,202. The total insurance on rents was $4,000 with no loss reported. There were four false and eight needless alarms. Ten fires were cause by ashes in wooden receptacles, while forty-two fires were of unknown origin.

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