Issue 15 and Volume 37.

TORONTO IMPROVEMENTS. On February 8, 1904, the city council of Toronto, Out., adopted the recommendation of C. H. Rust, city engineer, in connection with waterworks improvements, and a bye-law was passed authorising the expenditure of $1,000,000 for this purpose. The improvements suggested are as follows: New meters are being installed throughout the city as quickly as possible. The contracts have been awarded for the laying and jointing of the thirty-six-inch, twenty-inch and sixteen-inch cast iron mains to the high-level pumping station, and the work is almost completed. The contract has also been awarded for the six-inch steel pipe front shore crib to tunnel shaft, and work has been begun. Tenders are being called for the installation of either a 5,000,000 or a 6,000,000 imperial-gallon, triple-expansion, vertical, flywheel pumping engine at the high-level pumping station. The 15,000,000 imperial-gallon engine is now ready for installation at the main pumping station. It is…

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