Issue 15 and Volume 37.

CORRESPONDENCE SALT WATER HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEM FOR NEW YORK. TO FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: It is claimed that there is considerable opposition to the proposed installation of an auxiliary salt water high-pressure system for the better protection of Manhattan. New York, from fire. Probably there would be, if the whole system were to be salt water. Salt water will be used only as a very last resource in the proposed system, whose source of supply, we are informed on good authority, will be the Croton water as furnished to New York city, only with an independent system of mains and hydrants. It’s babyish to cry out before being hurt, especially as the chances of being hurt seem so remote. With such resoures as this city has, and with the enormous pressure that is guaranteed .in the event of the independent auxiliary independent system being installed, and particularly when that may…

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