Issue 15 and Volume 37.

WATERWORKS LEGISLATION ANSON, TEX. In connection with the proposed rebuilding of the Austin municipal waterpower dam, it may be stated that Anson, Tex., will amend its charter so as to lease or make any contracts that will, secure the investors who advance the capital required for the construction work. Unanimous consent of the bondholders will have to be secured before contract can be made. There are about 700 feet of the dam intact, about 400 feet having been washed down the river probably fifty to 200 feet. All the material is on the ground that the dam was originally constructed with. The original cost of the dam and seventy-five miles of water pipe was $1,600,000. About $400,000 is required for rebuilding. No engineer has been engaged nor will be until the funds required are available. PROVO, UTAH. The suit of the Telluride Power company against Provo City and the Timpanogos…

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