Issue 19 and Volume 37.

JERSEY CITY FIRE PROTECTION. The committee of twenty of the National Board of Fire Underwriters has completed its investigations into the fire protection facilities of Jersey City, N. J. After giving full details of existing conditions the committee makes several important suggestions. Regarding the conflagration hazard the committee says: “Conflagration hazard is not excessive, but still considerable in the mercantile section, owing to poor construction and the large proportion of frame and narrow streets. Mitigating features, however, are the comparatively small height of buildings. The probability feature is marked, owing to the numerous exposed openings, generally poor construction, large percentage of frame, presence of several conflagration breeders, inadequate fire department and scant water Supply.” Regarding the water supply the chief recommendations are: “That the general pressure throughout the city be increased materially beyond that possible under present conditions by supplying an extended low service system direct from a reservoir at…

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