Issue 21 and Volume 37.

PORTERVILLE WATER RATES. A Fresno, Cal., dispatch says that a complaint has been filed in the Northern Division of the Ninth circuit of the United States Circuit court by the Porterville waterworks against the city of Porterville. The waterworks asks the court to establish an equitable rate in the place of the one established by the trustees of Porterville for the year beginning July 1. The waterworks complaint says that its property is worth $66,295 and that its expense of operation per year is $6,559, It wants seven per cent, on its investment. The trustees passed an ordinance fixing water rates on an estimate furnished by one of its committees. The committee reported the value of the plant at $48,000 and gave the works five per cent, on the valuation, and declared that the cost of operation by year is only $4,417. The 140 firemen, of Toledo, Ohio, will soon…

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