Issue 21 and Volume 37.

LARGE FIRE STREAMS AT PROVIDENCE. Some interesting tests of fire streams were made by the fire commissioners Of Providence, R. I., on April 27 last. They were all made from a single hydrant having a gravity pressure of 115 pounds and were as follows: First Test.—Three Eastman deluge sets were connected to the whydrant by means of “Y’s.” and three one and threequarter-inch solid streams were all thrown simultaneously, reaching higher than the top of the flagpole on the city hall, which is 195 feet from the ground. Second Test.—The nozzles were changed to two inches in diameter, and the accompanying cut shows the streams reaching apparently as high as in the previous test. Third Test.—On two of the Eastman Deluge sets, the nozzles were increased to two and one-eighth-inch and on the “Jumbo” set to two and one-quarterinch, all showing hut little, if any reduction in the height of…

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