Issue 21 and Volume 37.

AS TO FIRE HOSE At Everett, Wash., bids were recently opened for 1,600 feet of hose, and a goodly number were received. The Pacific Hardware company was the favorite, as being a local concern, and was awarded the contract at eighty cents per foot, guaranteed to stand a pressure of 500 pounds to the square inch. Such a guarantee is simply rot. A city like Everett could not, nor would it be expected to furnish greater pressure at the hydrant than 100 to 120 pounds to the square inch, and that it should expect ordinary fire hose to stand 500 pounds is absurd. We do say that there are brands of hose on the market that will stand the number of pounds guaranteed by the company who received the contract; but it is ridiculous to demand any such pressure. Starting at the hydrant or engine, the gauge may show 100…

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