Issue 21 and Volume 37.

ENGINE TRIAL AT SIOUX CITY. The new steam fire engine was recently tested at Sioux City, Ia., and was accepted by the city. A local paper reports on the event as follows: It was an exhibition of the Nott fire engine, purchased by the city council at a cost of $5,000. The steamer answered every expectation, and those who know anything about these machines expressed themselves as eminently satisfied with the performance. The engine weighs 9,730 pounds. E. A. Wilkinson, representing the Nott company, was in charge of the test. With a cold boiler and without draught ten pounds of steam were raised in four minutes; twenty pounds, in four and a half minutes; forty pounds in six minutes; sixty pounds, in seven and a quarter minutes: eighty pounds in seven and a half minutes; 100 pounds in eight minutes; and 140 pounds in nine minutes. With a forced draught…

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