Issue 25 and Volume 37.

FILTRATION METHODS The following remarks on the filtration of water are an abstract of a paper read by Granbery Jackson, C. E., before the Engineering Association of the South. After some prefatory remarks the writer pointed out that filtration and purification of water may be accomplished in the following ways: (1) The English filter-bed, or slow-sand filtering; (2) the American or mechanical system; (3) using some form of iron as the active agent; (4) galleries built along the banks of streams or by filter-cribs sunk in the stream itself; (5) aeration; (6) electrical process; (7) by household filters; (8) household filtration; (9) distillation— which, however, is hardly filtration. The first two systems are those most commonly employed, and the first is that in use in Philadelphia and some other large cities today. In many cases, where the water holds a large amount of solid matter in suspension, preliminary sedimentation, with…

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