Issue 25 and Volume 37.

NEW POWER DAM AT LITTLE FALLS. A new dam has been built at Little Falls, Minn., which will develop 10,000-horsepower. The present available fall from the cap of the dam at Little Falls is twenty-one feet (says a contemporary). The dam is thrown across the river at the head of an island. It is in two parts, each about 300 feet in length. The dam is built of timber cribwork, held in place by great iron bolts wedged into the rock in holes twenty inches deep. It is filled with coarse rock and gravel. The crib is built 01 timbers twelve inches square, notched and bolted together at every seven feet of their length. With the addition of five feet to the height of the dam, for which the company has authority, and the proper regulation of the flow from the storage dams in the upper valleys, it is figured…

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