Issue 25 and Volume 37.

FILTRATION AND NON-FILTRATION RESULTS AT PHILADELPHIA. The bacteriological tests of water from the various plants show a great reduction in typhoid fever in sections of Philadelphia supplied with filtered water. Since January 1 last there have been only seven cases in that section of West Philadelphia that receives filtered water. The population served is 41,424. The number of cases in the section receiving a mixed supply of filtered and raw water was 273 cases in a population of 140,517. In the Twenty-first and Twenty-second wards, which received filtered water from the Roxborough plant, there have been thirty-seven cases to a population of 113,750 since the first of the year. The Twenty-third, Twenty-fifth, Thirty-third and Thirty-fifth wards get their supply direct from the Delaware river. In these wards there have been 1,035 cases of typhoid fever since January 1 to a population of 144,968. For a similar period in the Twenty-eighth…

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