Issue 1 and Volume 38.

FIRST AID TO THE INJURED. CHAPTER IX. FRACTURES.—(Continued). FRACTURE OF THE NOSE. Only a surgeon can fix the bones, which are often flattened. Till he comes inject hot water through the nostrils and plug them as in cases of bleeding at the nose. This will stop the hemorrhage. If there is a bruise, treat it by moist fomentations; if a wound, according to the directions already given for wounds. FRACTURE OF THE JAW. Gently push the bones into place, then close the mouth in such a way as to bring the teeth together. Apply a broad cravat, handkerchief or napkin under the chin and over the head. Then take a narrower band and apply it to the front of the chin; tie the ends behind the neck and pass them under on each side of the broad cravat. A four-tailed bandage three inches wide and thirty to seventy inches long,…

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