Issue 1 and Volume 38.

MECHANICALLY OPERATING SCREENS A new storage reservoir for Newark, N. J., with a capacity of 100,000,000 gallons will be placed in service in August of this year. The reservoir is a mile long and an eighth of a mile wide, and, together with a 3,000-foot tunnel, an eight-mile pipe line and connections with city mains, will cost in round numbers $2,000,000. The outlet gate-chamber controling the flow of water to the city is located in the reservoir basin sixty-five feet from the shore and in a depth of fifty feet of water. In this chamber are four wells, each eight feet long and six feet wide, through which the water passes before entering the distribution system. In the two front wells are cast iron grooves, in which the screens slide. The frames for the screens, instead of being made of wood, as is customary, are two and one-half inch by…

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