Issue 5 and Volume 38.

A SCHOOL FIRE BRIGADE. C. C. Carter, headmaster of Felsted school, England, has written an extremely practical paper on the formation of school fire brigades. He bears in mind the sad loss of life that recently accompanied a night fire in one of the masters’ boardinghouses at Eton college, and, therefore, makes his remarks applicable chiefly to boarding schools. For this reason he very naturally and properly gives the chief prominence to the subject of life-saving and his remarks apply just as well to the owners of country mansions located far awav from any fire departments. In this connection he recommends the provision, not only of chute escapes to the school windows, but, also, of a portable escape of sufficient height to command the highest roof. For use with this escape he advises that each boy in the brigade shall be provided with a belt and snaphoop for fastening to…

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