Issue 5 and Volume 38.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. It is, of course, meet and right that the taxpayers of any community should not only be on the alert to prevent jobbery, but that they should take the necessary means to effect their object. That right, however, is liable to be abused, especially when it is clearly seen that it is being exercised either for selfish or political reasons, or in favor of; or against some one who is possessed or not possessed of sufficient interest—that is, pull, dependent upon “graft” direct or indirect. The purely selfish or personal exercise of such a right, as often as not, either depends upon pull, or the exerciser thereof is utilised, of course, for a consideration, by some interested party who has been disappointed in obtaining a contract on which he imagines he has a lien on account of partisan or political services rendered by the bidder or…

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