Issue 5 and Volume 38.

FIRE DRILL IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. A writer in Harper’s Weekly makes the following remarks on the advantages of fire drill in public schools. “Protecting crowds from accidents is a problem of the cities. The averting of catastrophes in schools and theatres, at meetings and on excursions, rests with the lawmakers, the police and the firemen. There have been six school fires in New York during the last year. In none of them was there a death, and the only reported injury was a stumped toe. Under the law. the public schools must have exits and hose stations a plenty, and there must be fire drills in each building at least twice a month. So thoroughly trained are the pupils that they drop everything on the instant, form in double files, and march out. It takes two minutes to get 3,000 of them to the street. The signal sounds so frequently…

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