Issue 5 and Volume 38.

CORRESPONDENCE THE EXPOSURE HAZARD. To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: The exposure hazard is one which will not down, and, so long as it continues to be so much of a negligible factor as it is, it will continue to he a source—a chief source—of danger. Experience has proved that, while fire-resistant buildings of the most approved class will sometimes act as fire-stops and enable the fire department to confine the blaze to the place of origin, as well as prevent it from spreading to other floors or even rooms in the same building, there comes a time when they fail to check the progress of the flames, and a conflagration ensues. This applies to sprinklcred, as well as non-sprinklcred buildings of the fire-resistant type, which are subject to identically the same risks, although these may he lessened by the use of automatic sprinklers. To obviate this risk, then, should be…

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