Issue 5 and Volume 38.

BOOK NOTICE. Fourteen years ago there was published for the first time “Hendrick’s Commercial Register of the United States” (Samuel K. Hendricks company, 76 Elm street, corner of Franklin street, Manhattan. New York). Its special aim is to serve as a guide to buyers and sellers, especially those interested in architectural, mechanical, engineer ing, contracting, electrical, railroad, iron, steel mining, mill, quarrying and kindred industries. Of all of these it gives a complete and reliable index, revised and added to every year, containing a list of over 350,000 names, addresses and business classifications, as well as of manufacturers and dealers in everything employed in the manufacture of material, manufacture and apparatus used in these industries, from the raw material up to the manufactured article, and from the producer to the consumer. For mailing purposes and as a buyer’s reference for the architect, engineer. contractor, manufacturer, jobber, retailer, purchasing agent and…

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