Issue 6 and Volume 38.

BURSTING OF A DAM. Following an unprecedented fall of rain on the night of July 29 and the early morning of July 30, which reached a total of seven inches, the dam at Ward’s mill, at Easton, Conn., went out at 2 o clock that morning. The enormous body of water thus released rushed down through the town of Trumbull, and in a short time the dam at a paper mill reservoir at that place broke. I here was no warning to the people who live along the banks of what usually is a small watercourse. and two houses, which were in the way of the flood, were picked up and carried away. Enormous damage to property estimated at neariv $500,000 fin Bridgeport alone $75,000). in addition to the loss of the two dams has been done m the course of the flood. Tn North Bridgeport the water swept away…

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