Issue 6 and Volume 38.

WATERWORKS LITIGATION. GADSDEN, ALA. R. A. Mitchell and W. H. Weller have filed a bill of complaint with the register of the Chancery court, to enjoin and restrain the city of Gadsden, Ala, and its officials from annulling and repudiating their contract with the city for a waterworks system, and to enjoin the city from laying mains and pipes on the streets and alleys which their contract would cover, and from building a water plant and furnishing water to the inhabitants, and ignoring the contract of the complainants. It also further asks that the chancelor cornlid the mayor and board of aldermen of Gadsden by a mandatory injunction to designate the streets and alleys where the complainants may lay pipes and mains, according to their contract with the city for the same. The bill contains ten different counts, setting forth that the city officials after making the contract on November…

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