Issue 6 and Volume 38.

POWER AT NIAGARA RAPIDS. The Niagara river descends 100 feet and develops 2,500,000-horsepower between the base of the great cataract and the foot of the escarpment at Lewiston and Queenstown, five miles down stream. This energy, represented by the normal discharge of 222,000 cubic feet of water per second, is now expended in excavating the great gorge in which the White Horse rapids, the Whirlpool and Niagara Glen are located. Fully eighty feet of this fall along the rapids occurs between a point several hundred feet south of the cantilever bridge and another at the low’er end of the glen, which can be connected by a tunnel some 10,000 feet long, on the New York side of the river. With the head of eighty feet and the discharge of 222,000 cubic feet per second named above these rapids thus develop 2,000,000-horsepower, as mechanical motion and heat. This power is fully…

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