Issue 6 and Volume 38.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING According to the State fire marshal of Ohio, who has been making a very exhaustive study of fire hazards, especially such as concern ordinary dwellinghouses. the origin of most fires in residences may be traced to the kitchen—at least to such as are not provided with gas ranges. Even in cities where the building department is supposed to see that such houses are constructed with an eye to protection from fire, it will be found that the commonest rules of safety are neglected. The stove, the fount and origin of the great majority of burnings, is left unguarded. Its pipe is inserted in a defective flue; or it is set up too near a lath and plaster partition, without having any sheet of zinc or other metal nailed over that partition, which, owing to the plaster having fallen away and left the laths exposed becomes an…

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