Issue 6 and Volume 38.

WATER ENDANGERS LONDON FOUNDATIONS. The honeycombing of the substratum of London by electrical railways is blamed more than ever for endangering the foundations of many of the principal buildings in the British metropolis. St. Paul’s cathedral, the Bank of England and Westminster abbey are all reported in imminent danger, and this time the alarm appears justified regarding St. Paul’s. Frederick Hovenden, secretary of the London Institution, who has spent two years in finding a plumb line among the adjacent buildings, in order to gauge the deviation, insists that the south wall is some three inches out of the perpendicular, and that the cross and ball surmounting the dome are now three feet out of the perpendicular: the Bank of England and several other important buildings, have had their foundations undermined more than once: ominous cracks have appeared in the walls of Westminster abbey; and fears are entertained as to possible…

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