Issue 6 and Volume 38.

ANOTHER CELLULOID FIRE. A shirt factory at Leominster, Mass., recently had a narrow escape from being destroyed by a fire which started from the burning of a celluloid plant located thirty feet distant. A spark from a burring machine in the third floor of the celluloid plant set a pile of celluloid on fire, and the flames spread rapidly through the whole of the eastern wing. The blazing stuff had about burned out, when the local fire department arrived and saved the west wing. The factory was built as though to tempt a fire to start and spread. It was a building of joist construction, three stories high and with a pitched roof. Sprinklers were being installed, but were not ready for action. Had it been otherwise, the burning celluloid, of which there was only a small quantity, might have been extinguished without much damage. The shutters of the shirt…

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