Issue 6 and Volume 38.

WESTERN NEW YORK FIREMEN IN CONVENTION. The Western New York Firemen’s association, in convention at Niagara Falls, elected A. J. Allen, Niagara Falls, president; H. M. Hendson, Albion, first vicepresident; Lee Stafford, Gowanda, secretary; Charles F. Foley, Lockport, treasurer. The next convention will be held at Brockport. By a unanimous vote it was decided to remain an independent organisation and not affiliate with the State Firemen’s association. It was decided to create a gratuity fund for paying a benefit upon the death of a member and the constitution and bye-laws were changed for that purpose. The president, vicepresident and three trustees will he the custodians of the fund. The new president was empowered to appoint a commute of three to investigate the advisability of building a_ home in this end of the State for Western New York firemen, to be supported by the association.

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