Issue 7 and Volume 38.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. This souvenir number of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, which, in accordance with our usual custom, we publish in advance of the annual convention, may justly be looked upon as a triumph of typographical, artistic, and literary art, and may fairly claim to stand on the very highest pinnacle of excellence—a height to which none else can attain. Its advertising pages make an equally fine showing, not only in quantity and quality, but in the manner in which the advertisements are displayed, and the tasteful and harmonious blending of the colors in which they are produced. The number is typical of the anxiety and the determination of the management of this journal, not merely to he ahead of all competitors, but to he so far ahead of them as to leave them altogether out of sight. As will he seen, it contains sixtyeight pages, composing the largest…

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