Issue 7 and Volume 38.

FIRE DEPARTMENT OF SOUTH BEND. With a population estimated at 50,000 and a fire area of 4,000 acres, South Bend, Ind., requires an efficient fire department. Whether it is safe altogether to dispense with steamers and to depend altogether upon a hydrant pressure of ninetysix pounds may be questioned. There are certainly no high buildings in the city—the highest business structures being only three or four stories. There is, however, always the possibility of the pressure giving out at the critical moment and of the department lteing left to fight the flames as best it can with its two chemical engines and such streams as the diminished pressure may admit of, Be that as it may, the department as at present situated is in very good shape, and is rated as first-class by the underwriters. It consists of sixty three officers and men, all full naid the lowest wages paid…

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