Issue 7 and Volume 38.

NOTES FROM CHARLOTTE. From local information it is gathered that the water system at Charlotte, N. C., the condition of which has recently been the subject of discuss.on, is perfectly wholesome and of excellent quality. Some cases of typhoid fever (twentyeight in all) having occurred in the city, the idea got abroad that they were caused by the water. Supt. C. H. Campbell, therefore, bad it analysed by Penniman & Brown, the wellknowti analytical chemists of Baltimore, and Gerald McCarthy, the State biologist. The result of the chemical analysis shows the water to be in “excellent condition”” —a conclusion “further verified (says the Baltimore report) by the results of the biological examination made by William Royal Stokes, M. D., which fails to find any evidence of intestinal pollution. There should be no uneasiness or anxiety experienced by those using this supply, as it is an extremely wholesome source of drinking…

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