Issue 7 and Volume 38.

CORRESPONDENCE STANDARD HOSE COUPLING THREAD. To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: Referring to your favor of the 20th, we would say that one very great objection to a universal thread would be that such threads would be cut in large quantities with a tap and die, in which ease we should be in the same condition as we are at present. To illustrate: A man is given, say, 250 sets of couplings to cut threads on, and is given a new die to cut the same; the die being sharp, cuts a very nice clean thread ; but, after it has cut 2 the die is much worn on account ol a little iron or other impurities in the metal, and for this reason the thread is not a nice and clean thread, hut is a fair thread and is very much larger on account of the die being worn. Now…

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