Issue 8 and Volume 38.

WATERWORKS LITIGATION, BUCHANAN, MICH. Some time ago, the village of Buchanan, Mich., applied to the Circuit court for an injunction against Charles A. Chapin to restrain him from transmitting electric power outside of the village. The court, in deciding against the application, held that the village had no power or authority to enter into such a contract as was the basis for the suit, and that the complaint failed to show even alleged irrepressible damage because of the transmission of power to South Bend by the Chapin plant. The case involved the practical loss of a sum amounting to $300,000 on the part of the defendant, and some peculiar questions of law and fact were brought into the case. In 1891 the village of Buchanan secured permission to dam the St. Joseph river for waterpower purposes, and $50,000 was raised. The contract was let to a man called English, who…

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