Issue 8 and Volume 38.

THE SCHAWABACKER FIRE, SEATT_____E. The Schawabacker fire, Seattle, Wash., proved to be a more serious affair than Chief Cook and his men anticipated at the start. The accompanying illustrations, made for FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, give a very vivid idea of its extent and intensity. When the poor nature of the construction of the buildings in the vicinity and the hard fight the firemen had to make are considered, it is greatly to the credit of the department that the conflagration was confined to the section in which it started. The pictures of the blaze will he appreciated as being the best of their kind ever produced. Chief Cook, seeing the nature of the fire he had to fight, brought the principal apparatus to the scene, and in a remarkably short time had several fine streams playing on the flames. His prompt action saved a large amount of valuable property.

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