Issue 8 and Volume 38.

TOURS AND SCENES OF THE WORLD. Former Chief G. C. Hale, of Kansas City, Mo., the wellknown manufacturer of the swinging harness for fire horses and general fire department supplies, has always proved himself possessed of an inventive genius, though hitherto it has followed one line in mechanics. Me has now shown that he is possessed of an extremely versatile talent, such as is likely to bring him more generally into public notice than what he has manifested up to the present. His latest candidate for popular favor is a novel entertainment, in which a tour is made in one of Mali’s observation cars—Pullmans in which artpresented in realistic fashion views of some of the most splendid scenery known to travelers, as, for example, that of the Royal Gorge, Colorado, where the party is whirled through the most wonderful canons in the world and all the scenic wealth of the…

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