Issue 9 and Volume 38.

CORRESPONDENCE FIRE-PROTECTION [FRFCAUTIONS. To EIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: Fire Marshal Henry D. Davis, of the State of Ohio, has recently published a most voluminous and instructive report on the many causes of fire loss and given good reasons for enforcing the general ordinances against fire risks which his department has prepared. These ordinances are being considered by 196 towns with a population of 1,000 and upwards. These have enforced them provisionally, and with success. While they cover a large field, they will he found to embrace all the most common causes of lire. One ordinance is directed against carrying unprotected lights or hanging them against or too near wooden partitions or walls (such as stables), where there is material that will readily take tire. Another is directed against the accumulation of rubbish that is easily set on fire by cigars or cigarette stubs, or lighted matches or papers thrown down…

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