Issue 9 and Volume 38.

WHAT WATERWORKS MEN ARE DOING Notes on Construction, Extension and Management The old Blake pump, which has been relined and is doing fine work at BLOOMINGTON, ILL., Superintendent Herman W. Schmidt says is entirely too small, and he recommends that it be replaced by one that is new and up to date. The extension of the city mains is steadily continuing, and more pressure is necessary. In the fall the clogging of two tube wells caused some scarcity of water; but they were cleaned and two new wells added, which has given plenty of water. I he driving of three more wells is recommended. I he department had no trouble with frozen hydrants during the severe cold of the past winter. The receipts of the office for water rents were larger than ever before, being $31,835, as against $26,316 for the previous years, an increase of $5,518.92. The superintendent says…

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