Issue 12 and Volume 38.

NEW JERSEY NOTES. Special correspondence of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Newarkers are beginning to agitate very strongly the immediate purchase of a fireboat for the protection of its water front and its immediate neighborhood, and this all the more that it is well known that certain parts of the city touching on the river are inadequately supplied with the means of fighting fire. This was shown not very long ago when the fire at the Lister works took place—only one of several that have objectively taught the same lesson. Steamers are all right; but there comes a time when a fireboat proves itself a powerful adjunct to the land apparatus—sometimes it saves the day. High-pressure mains are of no use where a fireboat is needed, and while none would pooh-pooh the high-pressure system just installed, yet many seem to have run away with the idea that it will altogether supersede…

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