Issue 12 and Volume 38.

NEW ENGLAND WATERWORKS ASSOCIATION. TWENTY-FIRST ANNUAL CONVENTION. The twenty-third annual convention of the New England Waterworks association that opened at the Murray Hill hotel on Wednesday last was a great success. The first session was occupied with the reading and discussion of the “Report of the committee on ‘Meter Rates,’” Freeman C. Coffin, C. E., chairman, and at the afternoon meeting the paper on “Private service meters,” by E. V. French, C. E., of Boston, was read and discussed. On Thursday at the forenoon session the report on “Uniformity of ‘Hose and Hydrant Threads’ ” was read bv George A. Stacy, of Marlboro. Mass., chairman, and was discussed by Messrs. Griswold and French. The latter thought that a standard thread was necessary, and he hoped the report recommending a standard of 7/2 threads to the inch, 3 r-16-inch outside and 2?/$-inch inside would be accepted. On motion the report was…

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