Issue 12 and Volume 38.

SUGGESTED IMPROVEMENTS IN FIRE ALARM TELEGRAPH SYSTEMS. WILLIAM BROPHY, BOSTON, MASS. The title of this paper might lead one to think that the author believed that great improvements are necessary and can, and should be made in the modern system of fire alarm telegraph. The author of this paper is not possessed of any such belief, for, in his opinion, there is nothing nearer perfection at the present time than the modern up-to-date tire alarm telegraph system. The signal boxes, placed as they are on poles, buildings or any other convenient place, exposed to the elements and the greatest extremes of temperature, rarely fail to do the work assigned to them, and do it correctly. When pulled, if the signal is not transmitted correctly, in ninetynine per cent, of the cases the failure is due to something other than the mechanism of the box. The automatic repeater, so universally used,…

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