Issue 12 and Volume 38.

WATERWORKS ITEMS FROM ALL PARTS From Special Reports to FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. Osceola, Neb., has a $25,000 waterworks system. Nevada, Mo., has voted against a waterworks plant. Goodrich, N. Dak., has found good water 750 feet down. Lone Tree, Ia., has rejected all bids for a waterworks system. Spooner, Wis., is building a dam and pumping station for its new waterworks. The local waterworks company at Brownstown, ml., has installed a $40,000 filtration plant. Wailing at Jennings, La., when the Jennings steam laundry was burned, with all its contents. Alliance, Ohio, has purchased $10,000 worth of pipe for the two miles of main now being laid. A well is to be sunk 2,000 feet, if necessary, underneath the floor of the desert, at Jarella, N. M. At Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., is being built a large reservoir, to he fed by the gravity main. Its capacity will he 127,000…

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