Issue 13 and Volume 38.

FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING It is high time people were disabused of the too prevalent, but mistaken idea that bright and sparkling water is necessarily pure and wholesome. Chemical and bacteriological examination have not infrequently shown it to be the reverse, and the results of its filtration have proved it to be full of bacteria of the most pernicious kind. Water, on the contrary, which to the naked eye, looks clouded and discolored, or has a most abominable taste and smell is often wholesome, however disagreeable it may be as a beverage. Its unpleasant appearance is due not to the presence of bacteria, but of certain harmless algse, which, with an equally harmless sediment, can easily be removed by chemical treatment and filtration. In every case, filtration should be adopted, even when the most careful analyses apparently show it to be as nearly pure as possible. The attention of the…

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