Issue 13 and Volume 38.

CORRESPONDENCE “KEEP PEGGING AWAY.” To FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING: It is refreshing to see that in your columns a continuous fire is being kept up on the subject of pure water. It was Lincoln, I think, who during the Civil war, declared publicly that the only way in which the power of the Confederacy could be broken was for “Uncle Sam to keep pegging away.” So, in this war against diseases springing from impure water, defective sewerage, and inefficient sanitary legislation and supervision in general, the only course to be pursued is to follow Dan O’Connell’s advice “Agitate, agitate, agitate,” till the end is achieved. Not being a scientist, l cannot go into the subject of bacteria and their destruction. But 1 can point out one way whereby existing evils can be modified, at least, if not entirely done away with, and that is, the reform of municipal and State…

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