Issue 13 and Volume 38.

WHAT WATERWORKS MEN ARE DOING Notes on Construction, Extension and Management Recognising the fact that the health of every city and its freedom front disease depend in great measure on the purity of its water supply, BRATTLEBORO, VT., is having its source investigated by E. E. Davis, C. E., of North Hampton, N. H., who has begun his work by examining the Chestnut Hill system, the property of George E. Crowell, which supplies the village with water. While the supply of Brattleboro is not contaminated to any serious extent, and has not come under the disapproval of the State board of health, yet the people demand that the water they drink shall be, like Caesar’s wife, “beyond suspicion.” They will be content with nothing less than pure, spring, mountain water, and no longer with that which is furnished by the river. It is true that the Chestnut hill supply comes…

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