Issue 13 and Volume 38.

THE PANAMA CANAL. Mr. Bunau-Verilla has formulated a plan for a sea-level canal across the isthmus of Panama. Under his proposed method (as he claims) it could be built and put into operation within five years. It could be deepened to a sea-level canal within five years more. The novel feature of his plan is to construct the locks from a foundation below sea level. The highest lock on the canal as first finished would be 130 feet above sea level. With the locks built down to the sea level depth, the work of dredging the canal could be continued without interrupting its operation for commerce. The same locks could be utilised at every depth until a sea level was reached, when the locks could be taken out. Mr. Bunau-Varilla, however, has submitted no proposition as to location of dams or other suggestions regarding the engineering features of the canal.…

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