Issue 16 and Volume 38.

FIRE PROTECTION OF SPRINGFIELD. Springfield, Ohio, is a city of 40,000 or more inhabitants with a very widely extended fire area of 70,720 acres, in which stand business buildings of stone and brick varying in height from two to six stories, and other structures of brick and wood, wooden roofs being permitted. In its streets are set some 430 fire hydrants, the pressure at which in case of fire is too pounds. The chief of the fire department, Samuel F. Hunter, has enough to do to protect the lives and property of his fellow citizens, and, judging from the praise bestowed upon him by the local press and voiced, also, by the general verdict of his fellow citizens, is evidently a worthy successor of former Chief Follrath, into whose office he stepped a year ago from being an employe of the Central Union Telephone company. Chief Hunter, however, though not…

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