Issue 17 and Volume 38.

CALVIN S. BROWN. This gentleman needs no introduction to the readers of this journal, as his connection with waterworks business has brought him into contact with all the superintendents throughout the country. “Cal.” Brown, as he is familiarly called by all his friends and acquaintances in the waterworks fraternity, is one of the most successful representatives of a water supply house in the land. His pleasant address, and cordial disposition have created this enviable reputation for him, and it is safe to say that in all the long, years which he has spent in the service very few, if any others occupying a similar position to his have made more lasting friends. Mr. Brown has been identified with the waterworks business for many years, having been at one time water commissioner of Toledo, Ohio. He has proved a most successful salesman for the Hersey Manufacturing company, and he now represents…

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