Issue 17 and Volume 38.

DOMESTIC FILTRATION UNSAFE. A letter which recently appeared in the New York Times denounces domestic, or household filters as unsafe. “Far from being a help, they are a danger,” he claims, whereas “municipal filters, well managed and with the effluent tested daily, or as often as desired, for its bacterial contents give an efficiency, varying from ninety-eight per cent, to ninety-nine per cent, (plus bacterial). Does a domestic filter receive such care? There are filters which give a germ-free effluent, when properly cared for, but they are at best laboratory instruments, and are safe only under laboratory conditions. If used in the household, they do not, cannot receive the attention necessary to their efficient action, and, in consequence, they create a false sense of security, while, moreover, they will in time give an effluent greater in its bacterial content than the raw or unfiltered water.” All drinking water (he insists)…

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